Arrival in Pamplona

We are making a little swap in our route to accommodate the COVID madness that is Europe right now. Normally we would start in St. Jean in France, but I am worried about a border crossing. Instead, we will start our journey in Pamplona, walk to Santiago, then reset at St. Jean when we are done and then finish up the last 3 days by getting back to Pamplona.

We got our credentials and first stamp from this friendly gentleman next to the Cathedral. He closed up his shop for over a year due to COVID.

Pamplona is a place rich with Catholic tradition. For our first night, we were able to secure an AirBnB right across from the cathedral with an amazing view of the facade. Once we arrived we hooked up all our devices to get charged and went to meet the town.

Fairly soon there after a downpour started and didn’t let up for a few hours. It certainly awoke the fact that we might be walking in the rain some days.

We left on a quest to find the location where St. Ignatius was shot by a cannon ball and started his conversion. It led us to find 3 of the incorrect churches and happily stumble upon Mass at St. Francis Xavier. It was a huge church dedicated to his sainthood. While he is buried overseas, this church was a monument to his life. Quite the nice surprise to happen upon.

It also lighted a spark under the boys to find and enter 100 Catholic Churches. I think we have a good chance of making it. We found 4 today.

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  1. Blaise Jirak says:

    Hold up, I can make comments?

  2. Greg says:

    How’s the coffee?

    1. Ethan says:

      according to the cappuccino counter, it must be pretty dang good. 22 in three days is impressive and some would say unhealthy.

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