50K in a Day


UPDATE 8:48pm July 7, 2021 =======================
55.73K or 34.00 miles. I’m never walking again. 14 hours of walking minus an hour for comida.

I hate my kids

UPDATE 7:18pm July 7, 2021 ======================

50K. Five more to go. You can see Astorga in the background.

UPDATE 6:08pm July 7, 2021 =======================
45 km down. It looks like to get to our destination we need exactly 10 more. Extra innings my friend.

UPDATE 5:09pm July 7, 2021 =======================
Oh yeah, the last 10 miles are uphill. We have finally reached Galicia.

UPDATE 3:27pm July 7, 2021 =======================
38K. Legs are jello. Ankles on fire. Boys are hardly feeling it. At least that is what they say. Comida time!!!

UPDATE 2:01pm July 7, 2021 =======================
The dogs are barking. Everyone still thinks they can make it. Comida is only 5 km away.

UPDATE 1:36pm July 7, 2021 =======================
Ran into this guy. Too bad they only spoke French.

UPDATE 11:30am July 7, 2021 =======================
I can feel the presence of my Jirak uncles and father starting to rise on the other side of the Atlantic. Meanwhile we reach our normal destination of Villar de Mazarife. 23K in.

UPDATE 10:19am July 7, 2021 =======================
18K in and no coffee has been found. Natives are getting restless.

UPDATE 8:17am July 7, 2021 =======================
I guess we made a wrong turn and ended up in the Shire

UPDATE 6:27am July 7, 2021 =======================
One last look at the great Leon cathedral

UPDATE 5:20am July 7, 2021 =======================
Couldn’t sleep anymore. Up and ready to meet the challenge. Took a bath and gave the boys 30 more minutes to sleep.

UPDATE 10:22pm July 6, 2021 =======================
Done people watching at the Cathedral. Time for bed. Long day tomorrow.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usWeEStnROk&w=560&h=315]

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  1. Ethan says:

    Let the pain begin

  2. Anonymous says:

    You guys got this! 31.0686 miles is a lot, but I know you guys got this. Wake up early, go to bed late.
    This pain is only temporary 🙂

  3. Noah Garcia says:

    You got this! This pain is only temporary.

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