Why this?


They say you start your Camino at the moment you leave your front door. So according to that logic, I am several hours in and have already made it thousands of miles. However, the miles to come will be much harder to earn.

I’m not completely sure what inspired me to be obsessed with this trip. I remember watching the movie “The Way.” Certainly after watching, I had the desire, but I can’t quite recollect if it happen before that.

Something I know about myself is that I love getting, eating, seeing, or experiencing “the thing” that a place is known for. For example at a restaurant, it is common for me to order a place’s famous dish. If you go to Runza, you order a damn Runza, not a cheeseburger. If you go to Freddie’s you better get a Custard Concrete. Society has already done the hard work of pruning the crap out and leaving us with a curated selection. You can take your overdone Mushroom & Swiss Burger and shove it. The Camino is one of those “things.” Spain is famous for it. It has been walked for centuries. It will be one of the hardest things I have ever done, but thanks to the input of millions before me, I know it will be worth it. Thanks Martin Sheen.

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