The Journeymen

For centuries pilgrims have been making the sacred weeks long journey along the northern part of Spain. During the summer of 2021 the Jirak men will attempt to make their journey.

Al (Papa) – Having turned 40 with 10 kids, Al is wondering if he might have what it takes to make the entire journey without his boys carrying him across the finish line.

Blaise (El Spartacus) – Going into his senior year at Bishop Carroll, Blaise thinks he can make this walk forward and backward. With his sights on K-State, he will be off on his own before you know it.

Gabriel (Monkey Man) – Our second son, Gabe, is our most agile of the bunch. If he doesn’t accidentally fall off a cliff attempting to impress the group, he should make it just fine. You will be able to identify Gabe by the one wearing one of his prized ball caps from Grandpa Jirak’s collection.

Augustine (Speed Reader) – Rounding out the bunch is Gus. While the smallest of the men, he is quickly gaining ground with his 9.5 shoe size. Able to listen to audiobooks at 3x speed, he is bound to finish a whole library before the end of the trip, granted he has the battery life. The biggest sacrifice for Gus will be his inability to wear sweatpants every day, but collecting all of the foreign coins will make it worth it.