Day One Done


We started our day in Pamplona, and headed out after we had to return to our AirBnB to retrieve my hiking pole. Let me tell you that doesn’t make you popular with the group.

The highlight of our day was reaching it to the top of the Alto del Perdon Hill (translates to Mountain in Kansan), in front of Pamplona. There is a great resting spot there and it is a great place to take picture. We then spent the next couple hours making our way down on large loose gravel. The shortcomings of Birkenstocks became very apparent.

There nothing more frustrating than incorrectly guessing where your next break will be (or more precisely next cappuccino stop will be). Like a hopeful fool I saw town after town, and frequently miss-guessed where the next stop would be. “Don’t worry boys, we will take a break once we get to this next town, its right up here…” Then it is not. We would take a turn and then skip around the other side. It kinda breaks you a little, but we really do have each other to encourage one another.

We reached our Albergue (Pilgrim Hostel) and got checked in. A few years ago we got a hotel room after walking. This is a little bit of an experience. Boys and Girls bathrooms, ridiculous they say! I had to manage my clothes, soap, a towel and a face mask all while trying to make sure no one sees my in my full glory. Had I known this, I probably would not have opted for the extra small towel to save weight in my backpack. Plus, I am a little more full size than I was last time.

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  1. Vickie Jirak says:

    Prayers for you all. Have a great time!!!

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