What did you eat for breakfast?


Today was a longer day and it was in the heat. I knew this before the day started. As we left this morning, I hurried the boys out of town so we could get moving. No time for a full sit down breakfast session.

Then came along the Octopus Guy.

Octopus Guy hit us about midway through our walk at a town called Melide. Melide cuisine is know for two things, octopus and and a pastry called melindres (a cooked butter cookie).

He called out to us like a carney challenging us to win a stuffed animal for a girlfriend. His window was open and the sweet smell of his brew was wafting right past the Way. I tried to resist, but when he wouldn’t let up, I sacrificed the boys. Gabe met the challenge and quickly ate the purple chunk from Octopus Guy’s scissors. Before I could protest, the other two boys had taken there turn. Well crap. I couldn’t be the lone guy out. I put out my hand and it was my turn.

Look, I am not a fan of fish. The first thing we do at comida is eliminate all fish items. However, when I put that tender tentacle in my mouth, something happened that I did not intend. I wanted more. A whole plate. It was really amazing.

We ordered a nice big plateful

Sooner than you would think our breakfast treat was over and we were back on the road. Well we didn’t bolt right away. We might have finished up with some melindres for good measure. After all, you are only in Melide once.

They are really proud of these sugar covered pastries

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