Kindness of the Camino


The crazy journey through Spain is an amazing thing. People from all different places, cultures and ways of life unite for this long, arduous pilgrimage. We share all the same storms, mud puddles and blisters along the way. This unifies us as a unlikely team.

The number of people that have helped us after only 6 days on the path is at this point hard to count. There was the nurse that stopped and helped Gabe after he tripped and skinned his knee. There was the Spaniard who advised us on how to approach the camino after making 9 such journeys already. Who could forget the Netherlands that told us about the Menu del dia (menu of the day). And then there was today.

About 5 hours of walking, we stopped at a country club to enjoy that morning’s 3rd cappuccino. Gabe turned white, then turned to me and said he could not find his brand new headphones. My wife and I gave them to him as a gift for his 8th grade graduation. Gabe hates things inside his ears so we purchased him some special bone conducting headphones so he could listen to some audiobooks while walking.

The headphones were no were to be found. Convinced that he probably lost them at a statue at the beginning of the town, I let him run back and make a quick check. Nope, nothing.

Then we saw another group that we recognized and Gabe asked them if they had seen them. Nope. My heart sunk as I realized it was going to be tough to find another pair of those special headphones for Gabe anywhere along the way.

So we left that town and headed on. We made it to our destination, enjoyed comeda and then had some down time. Later on that evening we attended Mass at the town church. Right before Mass started, our friend Miami tapped on Gabe’s shoulder and set the headphones in his hands. What was lost had been found.

Miami earlier that same day

I ran Miami down after Mass to ask him where he found the headphones. He said that some random people found them on the path and these girls were having a conversation about it at a bar in San Domingo. Some people Miami met overheard the conversation and told the girls they knew who they belonged to. They then gave them to Miami and then Miami found us.

This pilgrimage is a special thing. It is hard to see that until you experience it first hand. We have no connection save this unique quest and it unites us all with a special bond. We have been helped and want to help others. Praised be God.

I told Gabe to hang on to those babies a little tighter this time.

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