I know why everyone is thin here…


Today’s journey took us from Los Arcos to the much larger town of Logroño. However it is what happened last night that was the most important.

Food here has been, I’ll just say it, freaking frustrating. Most of what we had is basically what amounts to really good ham sandwiches. Every time we go out at night to have a big delicious supper, everyone is just drinking. Drinking and laughing at the dumb Americans. I thought people really enjoyed food here, but up to this point we have just seen them sipping on wine.

Besides our breakfast we never saw people eating. Enter our new best friends, the Netherlands. After they bought us an appetizer, they sat down with us and broke it all down. We just sat there with our four sad ham sandwiches and took it all in. The Netherlands explained that Spainards have 4 meals. Now, this is something that I can get behind!

This isn’t the Netherlands, but we did get a good picture with Holland, the guy we mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry.

It breaks down like this:
1. 7am – Light breakfast with coffee
2. 9am – 2nd breakfast (you heard right, 2nd breakfast) – This might be an potato egg omelet or something similar
3. 1:30 – 3:00pm – Comeda – **SUPER IMPORTANT** – Big meal of the day
4. Siesta – not a meal, but very important after Comeda
5. 8:00 – 9:00pm – Cena – Light supper with drinks

Our normal schedule was this:
5:30am – Get up early and search for breakfast
6:30am – Give up on breakfast and start walking
11:00am – Attempt to find food, end up drinking cappuccinos
1:30pm – Arrive at Hostel and take a nap after walking. Take a shower, and get ready for a big meal for supper.
6:00pm – Get to the town square to find everyone drinking
6:15pm – Go back to Hostel and wait to see if people eat supper later
8:00pm – Come back to town square to find everyone drinking
9:00pm – Get tired of waiting for people to stop drinking. Have ham sandwich.
10:00pm – Hate on Spain

As a group we literally had the discussion about how we could go to the grocery store after we walk because Gabe was starving. He he said, “Dad it’s either you, or the menu.”

Once the Netherlands cleared things up we tried the new meal schedule and I am glad to say that we hit every meal to day and couldn’t be happier.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoying your blog and praying for you all…especially Teresa 🙂

  2. Heidi Jirak says:

    Loving this!!! Offer up some blisters for me!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am enjoying reading these!

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