Good bye toilet paper


When we started this journey, I wanted to be ready for anything. One unpleasant reality was the fact that we might be caught mid-walk when at least one of us would find ourselves in need of the little pilgrims room without one in sight. With four of us surely this would be a problem at least once.

So I packed a big American roll of fluffy white toilet paper and then contemplated bringing a trowel to cover our tracks. Thankfully, I decided against the later.

About halfway in we stayed at an AirBnB and I traded my jumbo roll for their mostly used roll. Today, I threw that away.

Practically speaking, it would be next to impossible to gain the courage to do your duty with the sheer number of folks passing by these days. We just passed Sarria, Spain which is a very popular place to start your Camino since it is the shortest distance you can walk and still get your Compostela. There are probably 5 times the number of people on the path as the day before. We are not getting the kind of privacy that we are used to.

Sarria, a very popular place to start a Camino.

More than that, letting go of that soft cotton roll is telling of how much you can live without. When you are have your entire existence on your back it gives you some real perspective on what you actually need. You are well provided for on this journey and if you really have need of something, you can always find or buy it here. God will provide, even if that is a nice soft white roll of toilet paper and a private bathroom.

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  1. Noah Garcia says:

    Wow, it really does put things into perspective when you imagine carrying your life on your back. I mean that can take a lot more meaning, but literally forcing yourself into physical, extreme minimalism is a lot. I always thought minimalism was the best path, but I have struggled with what that truly means. There are so many comforts I enjoy that I do not need. They are mostly beneficial rather than a need. How much I can take away is a hard concept to contemplate. You guys are forced into it though 😁. As far as I can tell, you guys have made it as well. You guys are amazing. I really hope this pilgrimage shown some things in each of you four. It has been fun and enlightening seeing all of your posts, even if I didn’t respond to all of them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    *before the end, all I want to own is a backpack” -Greg Jirak-patron saint of sarcasm and calf raises

  3. Michael Donlan says:

    When I first read the title & saw the picture, I thought you were about to pledge your allegiance to the European bidet.

    1. Al Jirak says:

      We have only come across one during our trip, but let me tell you, it was magical….

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