Dear bikers…


**WARNING — These comments the opinions of the author. If you don’t like it, too bad.

Let’s dive right in, I loathe the bikers on the camino. They pass you going 40 miles and hour shouting “Buen Camino.” Yeah, I don’t think so. They rocket through the Camino, then make little stops to stamp their passport and then hop back on their bikes. They will make another quick stop to snap, snap, snap a few pictures before speeding on to the next town.

In Logroño, I saw several of them swirling like sharks in the plaza in front of the Cathedral to take a few pictures before heading on. They couldn’t even come to a full stop to take in the beauty of the Cathedral. It was the most touristy thing I’ve ever seen. These are the folks that have a GoPros strapped to their helmets.

There you are, having your quiet meditative walk and then a pack of bikers comes up behind you and you have to move out of the way. Let me tell you, this body only moves forward. Not sideways. Sideways makes everything have to adjust and resettle. I’m a big tractor and I like to pull my plow straight.

Sweet Relief. Some sections they separate us.

When you walk, you connect with the land. You experience it. You see what you will never see from on top of wheels in spandex. By walking you have time to look ahead, anticipate, and then enjoy the reward of making every bit of progress. Bikers are already a mile down the road before they even realize what they have passed. Biking this journey is just not the same thing. Not even close. We are not even in the same universe.

Then there are the electric bicycle people. How I wish to just stab my walking stick in their spokes. They are essentially riding a motorcycle through the Camino and calling themselves a pilgrim.

Well, there are my thoughts. If you have been reading this blog and felt like maybe you could shorten up the time to make your Camino by biking, don’t.

Go for a stroll down a highway. Have fun, go fast. I love bikers. My wife likes to ride bikes. Just don’t think you are sharing in the same experience as the walkers. You are not. Oh, and the actual pilgrims hate you.

**This concludes my angry rage at bikers. Have a great day!

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