Meal of the 10 meats


Ok here’s the deal. I have been encouraging the boys to embrace the culture and certainly their foods. Up to this point we have done that pretty well. Today we went to another level.

After our 50K in 1 Day, we took the next day off from walking to rest. After a late rising we went to the Gaudi Palace. It is a masterpiece of architecture. Antoni Gaudi was a devoted Catholic and a brilliant architect. Look up some of his stuff. My favorite is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Designed as the diocesan offices and Bishop’s palace it now serves as a museum for the diocese.

I gave the boys a break for architecture and art to watch the Fellowship of the Ring back at our AirBnB. Then it was time for comeda. I saw a highly rated restaurant and it was right around the corner. I believe this is the first and only place I have been with a Michelin star. After placing in our reservation we saw our vegetarian friend Gloria. She said that this place was highly recommended by the hotel she was at. I questioned her vegetarianism when she boasted that this place is famous for serving a meal with 10 meats. She said she just does that vegetarian thing for her son because he is trying to save the planet. I laughed and asked her to join us.

First of all, the meal came in nearly reverse order. Meat, then veggies, then soup and finally dessert. If you include the bread it was 5 courses. As you can see from the featured image on this post it included a dish with 10 different meats. I’m gonna be honest with you, there was a jalapeño popper looking thing that I ate, but I haven’t a clue what was in it. It certainly wasn’t cheese. I have a pretty strong stomach, but I couldn’t do the hoof thing or the one with all the skin. The boys did great and no one complained. By the end of the first course most of the meat was in our bellies.

The courses kept coming and they were all delicious. The veggie plate was chickpeas, potatoes and cabbage. Next came soup and then dessert. Two wine bottles were hammered and I was the most full that I have ever been this side of the Atlantic. Not even the Kevin Bacon demanded so much of my stomach.

Five minutes after leaving the restaurant, we ran into the Barcelonas and the Brazilians. Our camino family greeted us with smiles and hugs. Some new German guys showed up right after and we all decided to sit in the shadow of the Cathedral and catch up. Fat and happy. It was a good rest day.

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