Is everyone getting pretty smelly?


When we left for Spain, the boys and I had a couple of days to ourselves before taking off. We spent some time training and some time repacking. My dear wife really tried to make sure the boys had everything they needed. She wanted to make sure they had enough socks and underwear to get through. Once she left the house, we repacked as spartan as we could. When you are carrying everything on your back, you reconsider every ounce.

The 6 pairs of socks per boy were the first to go. For the most part everyone has 2 of everything. Shirts, socks, pants and underwear. Technically I lost one pair of socks, so I am punishing one pair over and over.

So that begs the question, has the stench of 3 teenage boys become unbearable?

The secret is in the sunshine

We have all learned how to do laundry in the sink and almost everywhere we stay has a place to hang up clothes. The challenge is to not just collapse when you are done walking and instead go take a shower and wash your clothes. Let me tell you, this is not easy, but if you don’t get right to it then there is not enough sunlight to dry your clothes by the evening. Then you are carrying soggy clothes the next day and that isn’t too fun.

So the answer, it hasn’t really been all that bad. We all try to stay ahead of it and the nice 75 degree weather don’t hurt.

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