Tapas, Tapas, Tapas


A switch just got turned on. Blaise has went from amture to ninja overnight.

Today started just like any other day. We woke up packed and headed on our way. Around the corner we stopped for a cappuccino and breakfast. I left Blaise with a 20 to order and pay. The other boys and I took our seat outside. Blaise comes back with drinks in hand along with the egg, potato and chorizo dish we ordered. A few minutes later donuts showed up. Tapas.

Donut Tapas between Gabe and Gus

Mid-morning we stopped for more drinks, Blaise returned with free muffins. At the end of our walk, sat down to call Teresa and have one more round of drinks while we waited for our albergue to open up. This time free sandwiches showed up. We had a full table of drink and sandwiches for under 6 Euro.

The other odd thing is that Blaise had several spontaneous conversation with a couple of older ladies and another gentleman in a church we were visiting. The passing stranger explained much about the church we were in at the time.

We were visiting about this phenomenon later in the day and he talked about how he changed to looking into peoples eyes and speaking more clearly and confidently. Now he is having more conversation and able to better negotiate with store keepers. The transformation has been very fun to see.

Not kidding, by the time it came time for comeda, we were all too full to handle a big meal. Fortunately in Leon I discovered that they have the Kevin Bacon (you might recall this beautiful sandwich from an earlier blog post). We will be enjoying that baby right after Mass tonight at St. Isidoros.

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  1. Noah says:

    That’s awesome. Confidence is key when it comes to talking to people! There is no way I could talk fluently to people; my Spanish is a little bit rusty. Free muffins and donuts must be amazing. You guys surely need a lot of carbs for all that walking! 🙂

    I am 4 days late responding here, but hopefully that Kevin burger and 50k were good!

    Until I respond again, keep on walking!

  2. Michael Donlan says:

    Why all of the free food? Were people just impressed by his ability to converse in Spanish?

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