A festival for Our Lady


This morning was our most relaxing of the trip. I let the boys sleep in, way in. Even though we collapsed at about 9:30pm, I had to call off this sleep fest by about 8:15am the next morning. These whiddle guys were all tuckered out. 9am Mass at the cathedral was calling and I figured it would be less busy today.

At Mass Father pointed us out as pilgrims, and during the recessional he stopped to ask us where we were from. Nothing catches attention by being the youngest in the crowd by a few decades. A religious sister also caught us after Mass and wished us safe travels and told us that she was praying for us.

It was then that we found the best surprise of the day. Burgos is starting the festival of Saint Peter and Paul. It starts with thousands of people gathering in the square in front of the Cathedral. We got front row seats for the parade of flowers being brought to Our Lady. We sat through almost 2 hours of singing, dancing and marching. At this point Blaise was full up on culture and wanted to leave. I let him know it probably wasn’t a great idea to get up from the front row during the Spanish national anthem.

Thousands gathered in the main square to present flowers to Our Lady.

Then it was time to break down and get some American Hamburgers in this tourist town. Something predictable, something known. It never tasted so good. Seriously, the Kevin Bacon was probably the best burger I have ever had.

Also on the agenda today was experiencing the Burgos Cathedral. It’s engineering and detail makes you inspired. How could people 800 years ago construct something so magnificent. It all points you to God and the fact that so many for so long put everything they had into making this monument of stone, wood and paint.

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