Today we marched into a jewel on the Camino, the city of Burgos. We decided to take Sunday off and settle in a little deeper for this stage of the trip.

We walked through several amazing miles of city park along the river winding into town. We passed folks of all ages enjoying the open air. We even passed by some sunbathers as we got closer to the city center. The boys and I decided to end our stroll a little early once we passed by the topless variety. Those old ladies have no shame.

Comeda today was quite a treat, however we had a bit of a tough time finding a place that wasn’t packed. Tourism is staring to roar back here and the city streets were full to the brim with people. Once we found a restaurant, we enjoyed Burgos’s speciality, suckling lamb. Yep baby lamb chops. Whoa, they were so tender and good.

Little baby lamb is so very good

For tonight’s entertainment we decided upon bullfighting. It just so happened that tonight was the first time that they were bringing back this type event since the start of Covid. We had the option of going tonight with the less experienced bullfighters or tomorrow with the more seasoned veterans. I thought seeing the rookies might lead to more chaos. Think Nascar.

The first thing to know about Spanish arena events is that you bring your own food. People had pizza boxes, huge coolers and I even saw a guy with a grocery sack full of beers. Heck, I was worried about carrying in a bottle of water. When passing security they just asked us if we had brought our pistols.

Bullfighting is just nuts. Your heart skips as you see that beast charge over and over. Each round lasts about 20 minutes and I didn’t realize that most of the round takes place on horseback. It is only toward the end that the bullfighter comes off his horse to finish the job. At the end the fighter has to stick him just right and then the bull immediately falls over. It reminds me of pig slaughtering day at uncle Ron’s barn. If you shoot the piggy just right it falls over in the just the same way. If not, it just pisses him off. The bull is no different.

Bull fighting pep band. They sat right behind us and played the same awesome bullfighting song over and over and over.

Tomorrow the 800 year old Burgos Cathedral!

First Day
Second Day

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