Delayed start


Spain… oh Spain…. they seemed to change up their regulations on 12-17 year olds. The rule before was that parents needed to be “fully vaccinated” and they could bring their unvaccinated children as long as they had a negative COVID test. So just to be safe, I delayed our plane flight to Wednesday at the same time. We will arrive on Thursday, just in time for the kids to be “fully vaccinated.”

So instead of running off this morning, I saw my dear wife, 6 girls and little Louis off for their own little get away for a few days. They had a lot to do to get running by 6am. I was able to help a lot, so I consider the delay already a big win.

So off we went to off on a test walk of 8 miles with our packs with the Kansas heat to fight against. We won, but we needed a little Starbucks downtown to finish the job. The lawn is now mowed, the house clean and the laundry done. I am hoping that these items will be at least a little consolation to my Teresa when she gets back.

Smart-ass Blaise describes what happens if he has to carry your pack.

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