Anticipating the start line


For the past 4 years I have been making a plan for this trip. A trip for renewal, a trip for uniting, a trip of discovery. Ever since 2016 (fact check), I have planned to go this summer to walk the 500 miles of the French Way to Santiago de Complensella. I just turned 40. While Blaise will be leaving soon, he still has one more summer at home. The other two boys, Gabe & Gus, are about to embark on the next chapter of their young lives. Namely Bishop Carroll High School. The timing is providential.

After the chaos of the pandemic, it seems like an even more perfect time to start our journey. The whole ordeal has all of us thinking about the most important facets of life. For me, this is relationship and specifically, relationship with my family. I know that this quest will continue to deepen the bond I already have with my beloved boys. Not to take anything away from the girls, we will have our adventures as well.

On a practice walk with the older girls.

Nerves are starting to set in. I get butterflies when I think about starting our walk. I don’t know many that get the privilege to make a trip like this in their life. For this, I am nothing but thankful.

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